Empowering Tomorrow: The Rise of 3CT Security

April 15, 2024

Who is 3CT Security?

In the constantly changing world of cyber security, the need for reliable protection against digital threats has never been more paramount. Three years ago, Cameron Lewis and Thomas Dold recognised this pressing need and embarked on a journey to establish 3CT Security. Beyond being co-founders, Cameron and Tom share a deep-rooted friendship that traces back to their days at Sixth Form college. With a combined experience of fifteen years within cybersecurity, their collaboration was not just about building a company, but about fortifying a shared vision to safeguard organisations globally at an affordable cost.

Where are we now?

Fast forward to today, and 3CT Security continues to thrive, propelled by its dedication to excellence and its unwavering focus on client satisfaction. By forging strategic partnerships and securing contracts with leading global organisations, the company has solidified its position as a trusted authority in the cybersecurity domain.

At 3CT Security, it's about simplifying compliance, delivering bespoke security solutions, and cultivating lasting partnerships built on trust and reliability. As the world evolves, the team at 3CT remains at the forefront, equipping organisations with the tools and expertise they need to navigate the digital world securely.

In a world where cybersecurity is no longer a luxury but a necessity, 3CT Security stands as at the forefront of assurance, empowering organisations to embrace the future with confidence. With Cameron and Tom at the helm, backed by a team of dedicated professionals the journey of 3CT Security is not just about securing today, it's about safeguarding tomorrow.