GDPR compliance consulting services

Keeping your company compliant and credible with a secure GDPR strategy

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Leading GDPR implementation and consultancy services

Your organisation has a legal obligation to meet and maintain GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and DPA (Data Protection Act 2018) stipulations.

Facilitating and maintaining these essential GDPR amendments systematically and structurally can be complex. However, with GDPR and DPA, there is simply no room for error, with fines reaching a maximum of £17.5 million or 4% of your annual global turnover (whichever is greater).

At 3CT, we ensure your company amends policies, processes, and contracts alongside technical and organisational measures. To find out more, get in touch.

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How we can help you stay GDPR compliant

GDPR gap analysis

Understanding your data protection and information security systems requires our cyber security consultants to conduct a detailed gap analysis and audit assessment.

GDPR remediation

After determining the extent of data protection required, our cyber security consultants will establish a GDPR remediation plan for your company to complete.

GDPR Implementation and compliance checklist

The next and final stage requires implementing the best GDPR practices for your organisation with a proven strategy. After a successful GDPR implementation strategy, we provide a detailed GDPR compliance checklist to ensure your organisation remains compliant in the future.

At 3CT Security, our GDPR compliance consulting services provide IT governance and data protection security for your organisation to remain compliant. We can also help you implement a PIMS (privacy information management system) and a comprehensive GDPR checklist for future processes.

For more information about our GDPR compliance consulting services, speak to one of our friendly cyber security consultants.

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The benefits

Why you should invest in our GDPR compliance consulting services

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Reassure your reputation

Assure your hard-earned reputation remains intact by conforming to essential GDPR compliance and DPA regulations.  

3CT Security - Dynamic GDPR Delivery

Dynamic GDPR delivery

From GDPR gap analysis to remediation and implementation, our GDPR compliance consulting services cover all areas.  

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Avoid expensive

Failing to conform to GDPR and DPA regulations can result in costly fines, potentially damaging your financial integrity.

3CT Security -  GDPR Compliance Checklist

GDPR compliance checklist  

After successful implementation, we provide a GDPR checklist ensuring your organisation remains compliant for the future.


Discover more about GDPR compliance

What is GDPR in cyber security?

GDPR and DPA regulations require that all personal data processed by your organisation must remain secure through specific technical and organisational policies and procedures. Due to personal information stored within software systems, cyber security is a crucial concern regarding GDPR requirements.

How to prove GDPR compliance?

Achieving proof that your organisation is conforming to GDPR can be achieved by establishing and fulfilling a comprehensive GDPR checklist alongside applying official ISO 27001 [Link to ISO 27001 page] standards within your organisation.

Who has overall accountability for compliance with the GDPR?

GDPR states the business/organisation is responsible for complying with data protection principles. Therefore, leaders of organisations must ensure all employees maintain GDPR compliance with appropriate training and processes in place.

What is the maximum fine for GDPR non-compliance?

The maximum fine for breaking GDPR and DPA regulations amounts to £17.5 million or 4% of your annual global revenue (whichever amount is higher).