Cyber Essentials PLUS

Advance your Cyber Security to the next level of protection

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Protect your business from 98.5% of common cyber attacks

Cyber Essential Plus performs a technical audit that advances your organisation’s cyber security certification accreditation with renewed protection. This advanced certification increases the strength of your security and demonstrates to your clients that your organisation is cyber-secure. For more details about how your organisation can receive Cyber Essentials Plus, get in touch.

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Cyber requirements

What your business needs to think about

Receiving certification requires your business to demonstrate its established government-assigned requirements across specific controls:

Access control

Secure configuration


Malware protection

Patch management

At 3CT Security, we can help prepare you for Cyber Essentials Plus certification by supplying a technical audit and Cyber Essential Plus checklist.

Before certification, Cyber Essentials Plus requires us to identify and test the current cyber security of your organisation. During this initial pre-assessment stage, a 3CT cyber security consultant will visit your premises to monitor vulnerability levels across your network.

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The benefits

Why you should invest in 3CT Cyber Essentials Plus

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Secure Your Reputation  

Join the UK’s fastest-growing cyber security requirement and gain the highest level of cyber certification.

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Comprehensive Protection

Cyber Essentials Plus provides 98.5% of common cyber-attack protection for extensive cyber security.  

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Cyber Essentials is accredited as the highest level for cybersecurity within the government-backed scheme.

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Cyber Essentials Plus Checklist

Sustain optimal levels of cyber security for your organisation with our official Cyber Essential Plus checklist.


Discover more about Cyber Essentials Plus

What’s the difference between cyber essentials and cyber essentials plus?

Cyber Essentials Plus is the next level up from Cyber Essentials and offers 98.5% of cyber-attack protection compared to 80% from Cyber Essentials. Securing Cyber Essentials Plus certification requires the demonstration of a considerable understanding and enforced compliance across the five core requirements.  

Like Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials Plus remains a UK government-backed scheme protecting organisations from common cyber-attacks. The National Cyber SecurityCentre remains the governing body, providing the criteria and assigning verification.

Is Cyber Essentials Plus mandatory?

Cyber Essentials Plus is compulsory for organisations attempting to bid for specific government contracts. Government contracts requiring Cyber Essentials requirements would include anything containing personal information such as a home address, bank details, etc.

Other regulations include IT services and products where personal information is stored or shared.  

Is Cyber Essentials Plus worth it?

WithCyber Essentials Plus, cyber security specialists carry out the verification process to guarantee a higher level of protection is achievable.

How long does Cyber Essentials Plus last?

Cyber Essentials certification will last twelve months before expiring and requiring reassessment. Failing to renew your certification after one year will result in being removed from the list of certified organisations.