Vulnerability Management

Identify, manage, and reduce cyber security risks with our vulnerability management services

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Stopping cyber security vulnerabilities at the source

Cyber security threats aim to exploit vulnerabilities before they become risks to your organisation.

While a Vulnerability Assessment produces a one-time evaluation of a host or network, at 3CT Security, we provide comprehensive Vulnerability Management solutions that work as an ongoing perpetual process to identify and manage cyber vulnerabilities before they become risks to your organisation.  

The International Organisation for Standardisation defines a “vulnerability” as a “weakness of an asset or group of assets that can be exploited by one or more threats.”

By investing in our Vulnerability Management service, you are taking proactive steps to reduce cyber security threats to enable your business to operate without risk of financial, legal, or reputational damage. To find out more, contact us today.  

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How we can help your business minimise vulnerabilities  

At 3CT, we provide a comprehensive Vulnerability Management service, including:

Vulnerability Management preparation

To ensure you receive appropriate preparation for a vulnerability management programme, we’ll implement a five-step cycle that’ll help:

1. Establish the scope of the programme

2. Allocate roles and responsibilities based on knowledge and capabilities

3. Choose the ideal vulnerability assessment tools

4. Create correct policies and procedures

5. Determine asset content sources

Vulnerability Management Lifecycle

Vulnerability Management applies a five-stage cyclical lifecycle to stop threats at the source and ensure vulnerabilities don’t become risks. Our consultants provide the following:

1. Assessment

2. Prioritisation

3. Action

4. Reassessment

5. Improvement

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The benefits

Why you should invest in Vulnerability Management

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Security at the source

Vulnerability Management solutions enable your organisation to stop cyber threats at the source before they become risks.

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Ongoing protection

From identification to action and reassessment, the Vulnerability Management five-stage lifecycle guarantees ongoing protection.

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Proven process

The Vulnerability Management process is thoroughly checked and coordinated, ensuring complete security is established.  

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Rule of five

In process and lifecycle, Vulnerability Management is structured to identify, assess, report, manage and remediate.


Discover more about Vulnerability Management

What is vulnerability management in cyber security?

Vulnerability management allows businesses to identify, assess, report, manage and remediate cyber vulnerabilities across systems, processes, and networks.

Why do we need vulnerability management?

Vulnerability management introduces a proactive approach to continuously identifying, assessing, reporting, managing, and remediating cyber vulnerabilities. Investing in a vulnerability management programme will keep your network safe while staying compliant with regulatory requirements.

How do I manage vulnerabilities in cyber security?

After determining the scope of your program and assigning specific roles and responsibilities, managing vulnerabilities is achievable by selecting the ideal vulnerability assessment tools to suit your organisation before implementing a strategy to fulfil the vulnerability management lifecycle.

What is the vulnerability management lifecycle?  

Within cyber security, the vulnerability management lifecycle contains five key steps:

Assess | Prioritise | Act | Reassess | Improve

Working as a perpetual and repeatable process, the vulnerability management lifecycles deliver ongoing awareness, action, and revaluation over cyber security vulnerabilities.