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Improve the awareness and cyber defence of your workforce

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Engaging and informative bespoke training and broader-level awareness courses

With the increase of cyber criminals targeting individuals through social engineering, implementing cyber security training is critical to protect your company's reputation.

Today most organisations have introduced technical controls to prevent cyber breaches. As a result, hackers now seek alternative routes to obtaining company data and target the individuals in your workforce.

At 3CT, we provide cyber security training covering various topics and levels of protection. Whether you desire short bespoke sessions or general security awareness training, we cover all types of cyber security training. Get in touch to find out more.

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Our services

The type of cyber security training 3CT can deliver

Practical learning methods

By using “real-world” examples, we’ll demonstrate to your staff precisely how hackers attempt to break into systems.

Bespoke training courses

We can arrange our cyber security training sessions to meet your organisation’s specific requirements regarding any level of cyber security.

Broad-level training

From a general overview at the beginner level to intermediate and advanced, our cyber security consultants provide a broad level of cyber security training to your workforce.

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The benefits

Why you should invest in cyber security training

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Collaborative accountability

Extend the responsibility of cyber security to everyone in your organisation to create a unified cyber defence culture.

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Our cyber security training can be tailored to whatever style, category, and learning level that best suits your company.

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Train your staff to remain compliant with GDPR and Data Protection regulations to avoid financial and legal damage.

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Rule of

We apply practical scenarios to our cyber security training to demonstrate how hackers attempt to break into your system.


Discover more about cyber security training

What is cyber security training?

Cyber security training prepares your organisation to develop a deeper understanding of cyber security to essentially combat cyber-attacks. With improved awareness of different types of cyber threats across your workforce, your business can operate with reduced risk of financial and reputational damage.

Why is cyber security training important?

Whether your workforce operates from within an office or remotely, cyber security training improves the overall collective knowledge within your organisation alongside the implementation of best practices. Integrating cyber security training will enable teams to monitor and reduce security risks while creating a collaborative environment.

How to train for cyber security?  

Unlike other disciplines in the tech industry, cyber security training is surprisingly simple to learn depending on the level of expertise you wish to achieve. It begins by preparing your workforce with the relevant scope specific to your industry before implementing security awareness across levels of network, cloud, application, IoT etc.

How long does cyber security training take?

The time it takes to implement cyber security training depends on the level of awareness and protection of your organisation. While a basic understanding of cyber security awareness can be achievable in two hours, higher levels will take weeks of regular training sessions.