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Shield your organisation with 80% cyber-attack protection

To help organisations counter the growing threat of cyberattacks, the UK Government introduced a Cyber Essentials scheme in 2014. Cyber Essentials aims to protect you from common cyber-attacks such as malware attacks, password attacks, phishing, and SQL injection attacks.

The process of achieving Cyber Essentials requires purchasing a specific level of certification and receiving an official formal assessment. At 3CT, we offer expert Cyber Essentials consultancy services at an affordable price to help your company prepare and receive official Cyber Essentials certification.

For more information about introducing Cyber Essentials into your organisation, speak to one of our cyber security consultants.

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What your business needs to think about

In January 2022, Cyber Essentials received a technical control requirement update involving the following points:  

Home working devices apply to Cyber Essentials requirements (not including home routers), including cloud services.

Multi-factor authentication access requirements for Cloud software.

Servers such as virtual servers on a sub-set or an organisation assessment.

Smartphones and tablets connecting to organisational data and services are in scope when using a corporate network.

The organisation’s scope includes end-user devices.

All critical updates must be applied within 14 days.

To counter evolving cyber threats, Cyber Essentials is obliged to update when necessary, so businesses stay ahead of the curve. At 3CT Security, we endeavour to adapt to this changing market to keep your organisation cyber-secure.

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The benefits

Why you should invest in our Cyber Essentials consultancy

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At 3CT, our Cyber Essentials expertise teaches and prepares you quickly to complete your assessment.  

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Cyber Essentials certification is proven to protect organisations from 80% of common cyber-attack threats.

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Monitor areas of weakness by comparing your current system processes with best cyber security practices.

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Cyber Essentials

We provide a Cyber Essentials checklist to ensure your organisation remains protected in the future.


Discover more about Cyber Essentials

What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials is a UK government-backed scheme to protect organisations from common cyber-attacks. The National Cyber Security Centre is in place as the governing body to provide the criteria and assign certification with annual visits/revisits.

Is Cyber Essentials mandatory?

Cyber Essentials is only mandatory for companies or organisations attempting to bid for specific government contracts, such as those that require handling personal information (home address, bank details, etc.) or delivering IT products and services.

Is Cyber Essentials worth it?

Cyber Essentials help protect your business from 80% of common cyber threats while reducing disruption to your company operations.

How long does Cyber Essentials last?

Cyber Essentials certification will last for 12 months before it expires and requires reassessment. Failing to renew your certification after one year will result in being removed from the list of certified organisations.