3CT Security & Validato Forge Strategic Partnership

April 19, 2024

We at 3CT Security understand that businesses require not just security solutions, but a shield fortified with expertise, accessibility, and affordability. Through this partnership we aim to build compliance and resilience without burden, further fortifying our place in the market as a specialist in providing affordable cyber security solutions.

Safeguarding Your Tomorrow, Today

3CT Security are excited to announce our strategic partnership with Validato, a leading provider of security control validation technology. Validato’s technology safely replicates real-world cyber threats, allowing organisations to evaluate and validate the effectiveness of their security controls.

Putting Security to the Test

Validato's revolutionary technology goes hand in hand with how we validate and ensure controls are in place today. Validato simulates real-world cyber threats and empowers organisations to fortify their defences proactively against their current.

Pioneering Affordable Cybersecurity Solutions

Our commitment to accessibility remains unwavering. Through this strategic partnership, we're not just delivering solutions; we're humanising cybersecurity. We believe that every business, regardless of size or budget, deserves the highest level of protection – which is why we are more than just a consultancy.  

A Message from Our CEO and COO

Cameron Lewis, Co-Founder and CEO of 3CT Security, shares his enthusiasm for this collaboration. "This partnership is a brilliant step for 3CT Security to continue delivering market-leading consultancy and security products. I am excited to introduce the preventative measures provided through Validato's attack simulation to our clients to help ensure they are protected against different Ransomware threats."

Thomas Dold, Co-Founder and COO of 3CT Security, shares his insights on the value behind this combination. “Validato provides key information on the secure configuration of devices helping us ensure our customers are using best practice to protect and detect against cyber attacks.”  

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